Truth is the primary focus of this column.

The author is a compulsive truth teller. This trait is so strong in him that it is uncertain if he would be able to lie to save his own life. It is pretty much a total impossibility for him to knowingly tell a lie.

Most people in this country would find it hard to believe that anyone could actually be as honest as the author is. Some people in this nation would consider this trait to be a flaw in his personality.  And others will feel threatened by this trait, knowing that this inability to lie would give the author the ability to see through the lies that are commonly believed by the vast majority of people in our country.

But like it or not, this is what the author is. And this trait affects everything the author writes.

Truth is not popular in our country today. We have lied to each other so much for so long that many people cannot tell the difference between the truth and a lie anymore.

Part of the reason that we have the serious social and economic problems in our country today is because we have believed the lies for so long that we are committed to them and we cannot easily go back to the truth. We have a vested interest in perpetuating the status quo. So we keep telling each other the same old lies again and again.

The list of lies and their tragic results goes on and on with disturbing consistency and devastating consequences.

This column will NOT perpetuate these lies. We will address these lies and we will expose them for what they really are. And we will propose alternative solutions that might actually help.

At some point, if we are going to truly fix our problems, we need to force ourselves to look at the truth and deal with the reality of the mess we are in. If we don’t do that, we can be certain that we will crash and burn so badly that our current “great recession” will seem more like a Sunday school picnic by comparison.

This is going to hurt. This will make some people mad. The vested interests who are profiting from these lies will, no doubt, try to stop this information from getting out or will try to discredit the author so the lies can be perpetuated.

But we are in no mood to back down.

Somebody has to have the nerve to tell the truth. And that is what this column will do. We will do it in an entertaining manner. We will do it in the least offensive way we can. But we will tell the truth.

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