Some of the topics you can expect to see in this column include:

FREEDOM - David is passionate about freedom. He even believes in freedom for those who disagree with his conservative Christian views. He is disturbed because of the way he is seeing our constitutional rights being taken away from us. He has lived long enough to remember when things were different in this country. He remembers when we didnít have to worry about what new infringement of our rights might come next. And he is vocal about working together to prevent further loss of our precious freedoms.

RELIGION - David became a born again Christian while he was in the Navy. He attended Bible College and seminary after his discharge. He graduated and became an ordained minister. He has worked in several ministries.

POLITICS - David has been involved in politics for over 25 years. He has helped various candidates to get elected to local, state and national offices and he has run for office himself. He has many friends who are or were elected officials.

JUSTICE - David took his first law class about 30 years ago and his third major in college was in Administration of Justice. He has worked in a support capacity for several law firms. And he has had a number of friends over the years that are or were judges, law enforcement officers, attorneys, etc.

ECONOMICS - When David studied economics in college, he actually argued with his instructor for several weeks over something the teacher said. He did this because he believed that no economy could survive if it was actually doing what the instructor said we are doing in this country. The current state of our nation demonstrates that David was right. This class started him on a lifelong quest to figure out what is wrong with our economy. He has come to some conclusions that will surprise many readers.

SCIENCE - David has always excelled in science. When he was a young man he considered entering the field of science as a career. He spent about four years of his adult life immersed in his scientific studies and has come up with some interesting theories of his own. He does not see any conflict between true science and true religion.

BUSINESS - David owned and operated his own business for three years. A trusted associate made off with the assets of the business and gave David the opportunity to look for new employment.

MUSIC - This was David's first love. Before he gave his life to Jesus Christ he used to say that music was his god. Music was also his first major in college and he had a substantial scholarship. In addition to his classical music training, he is also a talented singer/songwriter.

EDUCATION - In addition to being the best educated person that most people have ever met, David worked at a private Christian school for one school year. He also taught private music lessons. And he later got his certification to teach in the public schools.

MEDICINE - David served in the Navy for 4 years active and 3 years reserves as a Hospital Corpsman. He served a tour of duty in Vietnam. He also worked on a locked psychiatric ward.  

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