Fact Or Fiction?

The question needs to be asked, is this column fact or fiction? The answer is both. It is a column that discusses real facts and real people, but the discussion is done by fictitious people in a fictitious setting.

So why is the author writing a column that utilizes fictitious characters to tell true stories?

The answer is that his goal in this column is not just to communicate facts. He wants to see these facts bring a healthy change to our society. And he realizes from history that sometimes presenting the truth in the format of fiction has more effect toward changing the behavior of a society than the writings of the most accurate news reporters. Consider, for example, works such as Uncle Tom's Cabin, Les Miserables, etc. Oftentimes, fiction stirs our emotions and drives us to action more than simple facts presented in a clear and accurate manner.

So that's why the author has chosen this format for his new column. He feels that his decision to go in this direction is a wise one. And he hopes that the readers will feel the same way.

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