The goal of this column is to bring beneficial change to our society.

We do that by writing a column that catches the reader’s interest early and presents unexpected twists and surprises so the readers will look forward to each new installment. To that end, some of the columns are written to be primarily entertaining, while other columns present significant issues and topics, oftentimes based on actual conversations and events, but which are written in an entertaining and simple manner.

Our goal is:

•    To cause the readers to think.
•    To educate the readers about significant issues and topics.
•    To cause the readers to see issues from new perspectives.
•    To get the readers talking about these issues.
•    To present new solutions to the problems we are facing.
•    To elicit an emotional response that will drive the readers to action.

There is a strong interest in change right now in our country and in many other areas of the world as well. Not everybody agrees on what that change needs to be. So we try to be fair and objective. And so we sometimes allow the characters in the column to take positions on issues which we don’t agree with.

The author is an independent thinker. And his views are often very different from the solutions that are currently being discussed. He is generally a conservative in his thinking, but he does not always agree with other conservatives. And like the main character in his column, he actually does read literature written by people who don’t agree with him and he does have real friends who disagree with him on significant issues.

This column is unique. To our knowledge nobody else is doing a column in this format. The idea of writing a column where the author presents a cast of characters who are acting out their parts in an imaginary resort hotel is new and different. This format is also good because it allows us the opportunity to say things that might be embarrassing or offensive in a different format. But in this format they can be entertaining. We hope you enjoy it.

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