The author understands that this column will at times be controversial in nature.

Interestingly, in the real world, the author is not a controversial person. He is a kind, compassionate and gentle person. In the real world he is cooperative and agreeable, not controversial and offensive.

So why is he writing a column that he knows may be controversial?

Itís because there are so many strange and goofy things and sometimes even outright illegal things going on in our society that nobody appears to be addressing.

David sees businesses that knowingly hurt or even kill people with their products. He sees injustices in the legal system. He sees government leaders abusing their powers. He sees scientists deliberately preventing open and objective intellectual debate. He sees educators teaching things that are worthless or even untrue. He sees bankers doing things that hurt rather than help the economy.

And he feels that somebody needs to call attention to these things.

It should be noted that the author is highly educated and often has opinions that are very different from anything else that is currently being discussed or debated. The authorís ideas are presented to the readers by different characters. Sometimes his own character, the Owner/General Manager, presents these ideas, but on other occasions, the authorís real ideas are presented by other characters.

The author hopes in this way to stimulate open and lively discussion and debate on these issues. He hopes that the readers will gain a different perspective and will be better equipped to address and solve the problems we are facing.

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