Cast Of Characters

Hotel Staff

David - He is the Owner and General Manager of the hotel. He is in his late 50ís. He is a conservative, Bible believing Christian. He is also actively involved in politics and keeps himself educated on what is happening in the world. He enjoys talking to the guests and learning from them. He has been married for 25 years to the same woman. They have 4 children: an adult son, a married daughter, a teenage daughter, and a young son. The author always plays the role of this character.

John - He is the Front Desk Manager of the hotel. He is in his mid 30ís. He is married and has 3 children. He attends a Baptist church and is mildly involved in politics.

Marcia - She is a Desk Clerk at the hotel. She is in her late 40ís. She is single and has no children. She is not very involved in politics, but is liberal in her political views. She does not attend any church and does not show any interest in religion in general.

- She is the Head Housekeeper. She is in her early 40ís. She is married and has 2 children: an adult son and a teenage daughter. She has never been involved in politics. She does have some interest in religion, but hasnít made any definite decisions on what she believes.

- He is a Maintenance Assistant at the hotel. He is only 17 years old, but he is handy with tools of all sorts. He started part time when he was 15 years old and recently became full time. He is a clean cut, naive young man with no observable bad habits.

Hotel Guests

Neil - He is an accountant who works for a large, respected accounting firm. He is well educated and politically active. He is a strong believer in returning to the form of government that we originally had when the US Constitution was written. He is married and is in his late 40ís. He and his wife have no children.

- He is a successful salesman. He is also a strong, outspoken Christian who is constantly studying the Bible and making observations about the Bible that nobody else appears to have noticed. David enjoys talking to Nathan and learning what new discoveries he has made in his Bible studies.

- He is a respected attorney who has worked for 20 years in the legal field. He worked first as a prosecuting attorney and then switched and became a defense attorney. He is an atheist.

- She is a political activist in her early 30ís. She is smart and determined and has a high energy level. She volunteers part time as a lobbyist for a local conservative organization.

- He is an independent truck driver. He owns his own rig and does jobs for a number of clients. It is not known what his religious convictions are, but he is a good man who works hard and tries to do what is right.

Sylvia - She is a trained and certified psychologist. She previously worked at a locked psychiatric hospital. Now she works at a home for troubled girls.

- He is a retired cop. He worked 10 years as a beat cop and another 15 years as a detective. He solved over 500 homicides in his career. His level of integrity is so high that he jokingly says that his picture can be found in the dictionary next to the word ďstraight.Ē

- He is a retired physics professor from an Ivy League University. He did string theory research under a federal government grant during his time at the university. His wife has family in town which is why he stays at the hotel.

Chaplain Bill
- He is the local Court Chaplain. The County Courthouse is just a half mile from the hotel and the County Jail is just three miles away. He uses one of the meeting rooms at the hotel as a training center to teach other pastors how to get involved in helping people who have been charged with a crime.

1800ís Hotel & Saloon

Slippery Dave - He is the proprietor of this fine establishment. Although he is a bit gruff in his demeanor he is a man of integrity. And he has a high regard for the Bible and a strong belief in God. He attends the local church occasionally. He is also the local Justice of the Peace. Court is held in a room at his hotel. He got his nickname from winning a greased watermelon contest when he was a young man. The author plays the part of this character too.

- She is Slippery Daveís wife. She works at the hotel too. Sometimes she cooks. Sometimes she waits on customers. She also cleans rooms and keeps the books.

Dancing Dan
- He is the piano player for the hotel. He is married to Lulubelle.

- She is the singer for the hotel. She is married to Dancing Dan.

Please note: All of the regular characters and places in this column are fictional. Any similarity to any real person or place should be considered a coincidence.

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