This column will be of interest to:

•    People who love freedom and who are concerned that we are losing our constitutional rights, this group includes both conservatives and liberals
•    People with conservative politics, including the now very vocal and visible tea partiers
•    People who believe the Bible is the word of God and who love to study it
•    People who are fed up with the draconian way our government is intruding into matters that are none of their business
•    People who want smaller government and are frustrated that their elected officials promise smaller government, but never seem to be able to deliver on their promises
•    People who are tired of being overtaxed or taxed unfairly
•    People who are tired of the injustices in our legal system, but don’t know what we need to do to fix the legal system
•    People who are fearful for their safety because of the 70% recidivism rate and the over 50% failure rate in our probation system
•    People who are hurting financially and who wonder if there is any way to fix the financial problems we are facing
•    People who enjoy reading interesting stories

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