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This column is unlike any other syndicated column. It centers around a cast of characters who live their lives and discuss many different topics, current issues and events within the framework of a hotel setting. This column is something like a TV or radio series, but itís a series in print format. The characters appear again and again so the readers can get to know and love them. All of the regular characters are fictional, but the issues raised in the column are often very real and sometimes very serious. The creator of this column plays the part of the Owner/General Manager.

Current Day Hotel

This column takes place in an imaginary resort hotel located in an undisclosed city. It has 280 sleeping rooms and 8 meeting rooms along with several restaurants and stores. Many interesting and famous and educated people have stayed at the hotel and the column centers around conversations and events that have occurred there.

The hotel is located across the street from Liberty Park. The park is very large with many trees and much grass. There is a large lake on the park grounds with sailboats with colorful sails which can be seen from the hotel. The park entrance, which is just across the street from the hotel lobby, has two large sculpted lions, one on each side.

The hotel got its name from this park.

1800ís Hotel & Saloon

The 1800ís hotel and saloon shows up from time to time in the column. Each time this hotel appears it is at a different time in history. The main character, Slippery Dave, will always tell the readers what the time period is for that column so the reader has an accurate frame of reference.

In addition to the sheer enjoyment of the story, the purpose of the 1800ís hotel is to educate the readers about the events and perspectives of the American people in the earlier days of our history. Today most Americans are woefully ignorant of our own history. And presenting historical facts in this manner allows the readers to become aware of important information in a manner that will be entertaining as well as educational.

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