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The author was born in Philadelphia and the spirit of freedom must have rubbed off on him when he was born. He is a man who has a passion for freedom and justice, even for those who disagree with his conservative Christian views. He writes on many topics in his column through the format of conversations and events that occur in the imaginary hotel he has created. In the real world he has years of actual hotel experience and many of the columns are based on actual conversations that he had with actual guests.

The author is grossly over-educated. He has approximately 270 college and graduate level credits so far. And he has a straight "A" average in several of the schools he attended. So his column reflects this wide range of knowledge.

Writing Experience

Sixth Grade:  In his sixth grade English class he wrote a short story. His teacher told the class it was the best short story written by a sixth grader he had ever seen in his whole teaching career.

College:  For several years during his time in college he wrote a regular column for a monthly publication called the TNT PraiseGram.

Freelance:  All his life the author has been writing on a wide variety of topics including things such as brochures and gospel literature, radio ads and scientific papers including ones on string theory, the uncertainty principle, and what is the light source that makes it possible for us to see nebulae. He has also written legal documents including contracts, wills and motions as well as papers on a variety of legal topics such as 'What is Justice?' and 'What is the Nature of Law?'

Songwriting:  All his life the author has been writing songs, both secular and sacred. Being also a professionally trained musician, he has traveled around the country performing these and other songs.

Other Experience

Speaking:  The author has been a teacher and has spoken in front of audiences all over the country

Radio:  The author has been a radio announcer and a regular speaker on a weekly radio program called Godís Love For Today.


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